The Most Effective Fine Gold Extraction Process ever designed.


Are You Ready For a More Rewarding Gold Prospecting Experience?

The Gold Lab Company is here to help you get the fine gold that others cannot. No more tedious panning, just more gold from your concentrates. Learn more about how our products can give you the gold mining experience you’re seeking.

How? Simply put, “The Gold Lab” and “The Thumpermake you the most effective gold prospector around. Find out how.

Not sure whether “The Gold Lab” and “The Thumper” are right for you? Give me a call – I’ll be glad to answer your questions.  – Dave

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“Lode Up” on The Good Stuff

Turn a day of gold prospecting into an experience you’ll treasure.


Glad You Found Us

There’s gold out there just waiting for you to find it. Dig up some fun with “The Gold Lab” and “The Thumper.”

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Your Prospects are Great

You know what’s most valuable in life, and you’re not afraid to get it. Get out and explore with us.


24 Carats of Satisfaction

Get more out of your gold prospecting: more adventure, time with friends and family, stories… and more gold.


My Golden Years

You’ve got the gold bug? Me too! I’m excited to share these great products with you. Learn more about the company.

I’m Glad You Found

The Gold Lab!

We know the modern miner; we are miners, we know the mining operations of sluicing, dredging, high banking, dry washing and crushing.

You know that when it comes to gold prospecting, the fun is in the looking, so I’m glad you found us! Like you, I got gold fever bad. I started with panning the old fashioned way, but pretty soon went searching for a better way to prospect.

Years ago, I found, and bought, a product called “The Gold Lab.” Instantly, I started recovering more gold – and having more fun. Who doesn’t love the bragging rights that come with getting the fine gold from black sands that others must toss back?

In fact, I enjoyed my weekend adventures with my “Gold Lab” so much, that I bought the company. Now, I’m excited to share both our flagship product “The Gold Lab” and our latest addition “The Thumper” with my fellow gold prospecting enthusiasts. So get out there, start dredging, sluicing, high banking, dry washing, crushing, “Thumping” and “Gold Lab-bing” your way to a good time. See you stream side.

-Dave Chiara

Ready to give fine gold recovery a go?

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