The Story of Gold Lab: a quest for gold from concentrate

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The Story of Gold Lab

The Story Of The Gold Lab

My name is Steve Gribble. I am the inventor of The Gold Lab. In 2004, my wife and I met a couple in California. We became friends and on one occasion we were invited to accompany them on an outing to “prospect” for gold, near Downieville, Ca. I laughed off the invite as fruitless. I had figured that the vast majority of the gold in California had been found and scooped up, long ago. After all, it has been 150 years since the California “gold rush” took place. Well, it was a nice weekend and we were looking to get out of town for a couple of days. I had not panned for gold since I was 17 years old. Needless to say, things have changed.

The equipment is so modern and so diverse now. I am sure that many miners have rolled over in their graves, wishing they would have had some of this modern day equipment in their times. Hand made sluices and rocker boxes and gold pans have evolved into the most innovative and effective equipment imaginable. Some of it is just “practical” and some is “amazing”. I believe I have seen and used it all in the last 6+ years of research. Yes! I got the “GOLD FEVER” again. As the weekend progressed, one thing really stuck with me. I watched my friend’s wife sit on a stool by the creek, leaning over a tub with a gold pan and work the concentrates from the dredge. For hours and hours and hours she panned that fine gold. At this point I can say, “she did as well as could be expected”. She was fair at panning but a little impatient. Of course, like everyone else, what she couldn’t recover and extract clean, got sucked up with the black sand and saved. After a days work (their work), I came to the conclusion that there had to be a better way to extract the “fine gold” from the concentrates. After that weekend, I returned with a renewed interest in prospecting. (Gold Fever)!

Being the person I am and being adverse to work as I am, I began to think of a way to make the process easier. Of course, there were laughs all around. I kept hearing, “who do you think you are to just “whip up” something better, after all of the research and development by the experts in gold recovery”? Well, I can be a little stubborn when I become committed to an idea. After researching and playing with, several spiral pans and their theories, panning and its process, mini sluices, shaker tables, mercury processes and amalgams and more, I became a bit cynical. All of the aforementioned processes had their qualities and uses but something was still missing. Did I mention that I can be a bit stubborn? Further research began to shed the light on the fact that the most reliable process, known to man, for separating common sands, common gravels, Hematite, Magnetite, Ilmanite, Basalts, Platinum, Silver, Gold etc., would be a centrifuge/vortex of water.

In a vortex, each product will separate and begin to lift according to the “periodic table” of specific gravities, weights and densities. They will, in actuality, lift and do so in exact order of their weights and densities if kept moving and somewhat separated and suspended for even the shortest period of time. After a year of testing and experimenting I finally discovered a way to accomplish this. Now, all I have to do is perfect it and solve the problem of separation of all of these minerals long enough to recover the valuable minerals and discharge the waste material. Then I hit a wall. Someone had already done it! At least I thought so.

The next 6 years were spent with the vortex bowl. The Blue Bowl is patented to Frank Sullivan in Auburn, California. Frank owns the Pioneer Mining Supply in Auburn. It’s a great store with all of the supplies you will ever need for prospecting. After a year experimenting with the bowl I visited Frank and discussed the properties and processes of the bowl and thought I was apprising Frank of new information when I told him that I had a theory, of a better way to “feed” the bowl, “control” the water “height” and “pressure” and leave the vortex undisturbed. I was told that he had spent much time and effort at this and there wasn’t a better way. I was off and running!In short order, I discovered and solved all of the problems of “fine gold” recovery that, everyone who has ever used a vortex bowl, has encountered. I don’t mind telling you what they are. Water speed, pressure and height will change “everything” about the efficiencies and effects of a vortex / centrifuge. The height and speed of the water, in relationship to, the “lift and separate” effect of the centrifuge and knowing where the effect begins and deteriorates is extremely important and very exact. This is all based on the declination of the sides and inner cone of the centrifuge. Solved”!To add to my research, I needed to discover each solution according to mesh size.

Some will still tell you that it can all be done simultaneously, feeding all mesh sizes, but research will prove that it is not possible without a perfect balance and control of all of the parameters of a vortex process. I have spent nearly 7 years now proving that and it is an indispensable secret in the workings of The Gold Lab. Many have tried to duplicate The Gold Lab but none have matched the recovery rate. The vortex, in order to work perfectly, is completely reliant upon, the perfect vortex and lack of disturbance or turbidity of the water. A perfect centrifuge does exactly what God designed it to do. Man did not invent the effects, he only discovers their properties. I found a way to “not” disturb this effect when feeding the vortex bowl. “Solved”! Feeding the vortex bowl in the fashion as described in the directions when purchased in an ordinary kit will result in recovering gold. But the loss of gold “down the tube” is unacceptable to me. “Solved”! There are certain weights and shapes of gold that will “not” stay down in a centrifuge, under any conditions. Therefore, the recovery of those amounts of gold was another problem that needed to be solved “after the centrifuge”. “Solved”. Last but not least, what to do with the fines that do go “down the tube” and that you have caught in the special vibrating mini sluice. “Solved”! What more can I say? Only this.

I have performed demonstration after demonstration, (to 100’s of people), by adding as little as 10 grains of gold (1/48th of an ounce), in several ounces of concentrate (which is free of any gold) and with The Gold Lab, recovered, 10 grains of gold. I believe I can make the following statement with complete honesty and confidence. The Gold Lab will, in fact, recover 99.99% of your fine gold from concentrate, -30 mesh down to 50 microns or less. I am unable (at this time) to measure the gold, smaller that 50 microns. The Gold Lab will catch finer gold, I am just not able to measure it at this time. The Gold Lab will pay for itself in a very short time! The washes are loaded with fine gold. It has just not been possible to recover it without the precision of The Gold Lab until now.

Steve Gribble

The Gold Lab

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