Prospector: Dave Chiara – Gold Lab Owner

Prospector: Dave Chiara - Gold Lab Owner
Dave Chiara: Owner & Prospector

A Gold Mining Company Built by Prospectors, for Prospectors

The Gold Lab” and “The Thumper” – Proudly brought to you by your fellow creek-side miners.

Digging Up Fun Since 2004

The Gold Lab started in 2004 when inventor and founder Steve Gribble developed our flagship product, “The Gold Lab”, and brought it to market. Steve was a hobby miner himself, suffering from a horrible case of “Gold Fever.” The only cure for him was to invent a new product that would let him save the fine gold from his concentrates that just could not be extracted through panning or existing technologies. He set off to perfect vortex bowl technology, and the rest is Gold Lab History. You can read the Steve’s full story here.

Bringing You the Best and Latest Gold Mining Technology

You may know this already, but “Gold Fever” is highly contagious. I learned the hard way. I’m Dave Chiara, and it was only a few years ago that I picked up a gold pan and couldn’t put it down. I happily spent my weekends dredging, processing, panning, and sluicing. I can’t imagine a better way to spend your free time – out in nature with friends and family, and coming home with real gold!

Once I was hooked, I went searching for a better way to prospect. I came upon “The Gold Lab” and ordered my own. Well that was it. I loved “The Gold Lab” so much that I bought the company. Instead of retiring, I decided to spend my time sharing this product I love with you.

The Gold Lab was such a success that inventor Steve Gribble was back at the drawing board, looking for ways to make prospecting even more effective. Today, we’re proud to bring you “The Thumper,” to process your concentrates faster, and more effectively. See what it’s all about.

Getting the Most Out of Your Prospecting: Get Outdoors with Us

At The Gold Lab, we believe in helping you get the most out of your time gold prospecting.

  • Get more adventure, thrills and bragging rights.
  • Get more time with the grandkids, relaxation, and fun with friends.
  • Get more bird chirping mornings, streamside afternoons, and campfire evenings.
  • And of course – get more gold!

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