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The Thumper

Take Your Gold Mining to the Next Level with “The Thumper”

Do you want to process your materials faster than ever? Are you ready to run more gold-laden super concentrates through “The Gold Lab” so you can keep more of the stuff you’re after? Get ready to super concentrate your gold mining efforts with “The Thumper”.

Over the past few years, I’ve seen such a great response to “The Gold Lab,” that when the inventor and developer Steve Gribble told me he had a new product coming soon, a wave table made for common miners that could still shake with the big boys, I knew I had to share it with you. This new product, five years in the making, will take your prospecting to the next level. I am thrilled to bring you this new super concentrator, straight from Oregon. I can’t wait to get you out there shaking your materials, and extracting more gold than ever before. Want to know more? Just drop me a line!   -Dave

Purchase The Thumper

Do you want to process your materials faster than ever? Are you ready to run more gold-laden super concentrates through “The Gold Lab” so you can keep more of the stuff you’re after? Get ready to super concentrate your gold mining efforts with “The Thumper”.

Purchase The Thumper

Purchase The Thumper - Domestic United States

$675.00 while they last price

Shipping in the Domestic United States is a flat fee based on the region you are currently shipping to. These flat fees have been negotiated with our shipper to ensure we are delivering your product(s) as securely as possible while keeping an emphasis on lowering cost for our customers.

Purchase The Thumper - International

$675.00 while they last price

International Purchases require custom shipping rates. As such, by clicking the button below to proceed with an international order, you will not initially be charged shipping with your order. Once we have received confirmation, we will be in touch as soon as possible with an invoice for your custom shipping rate. Once we have collected payment for both your initial order and your customized shipping rate, we will send your order out immediately.

To all our customers (old and potential) the manufacturers of the Gold Lab and Thumper (two separate businesses) are retiring. If you have purchased a Gold Lab or Thumper in the last year or during this closeout sale – your warrantee will remain in effect (1 year from date of purchase).

If you want a Gold Lab or Thumper – order today.

Process Your Materials Into Super Concentrates In One Easy Step

Pair your “Gold Lab” with our latest product addition, “The Thumper,” and you won’t think twice about processing even ten times more materials than before. What used to seem an impossible amount of concentrates to classify and process suddenly becomes an exciting challenge. Reduce gallons of materials to less than a cup, ready for a spin in your “Gold Lab.” It couldn’t be easier to take the next step with your gold mining. “The Thumper” brings you:

  • A Completely automated and a one step machine
  • Auto feed of -8, -12 and -30 mesh concentrate
  • Vibrations and water flow finely tuned to aid in  fine gold recovery
  • The perfect companion to “The Gold Lab”

There’s a simple formula for gold mining success: process more concentrates and get more satisfaction – real gold. “The Thumper” brings you exponentially better prospecting rewards.

You don’t have to waste your time processing regular concentrates. Using a super concentrator lets you run the process many times over in the same amount of time. Who doesn’t want better odds of seeing some color in their vortex bowl? Why wait another moment? Get an even more rewarding prospecting experience. Order now (right here) and get your materials moving faster than ever with “The Thumper.”

A Serious Wave Table at a Fraction of the Cost

You’ve seen them on TV – wave tables that shake out the good stuff, leaving the prospector with a super concentrate for a super-efficient fine gold extraction process. These machines separate materials by specific gravity, leaving you to work with just the heavies. These machines can be very costly for individual prospectors to absorb. That is, until we introduced “The Thumper.” Until now, people like you and me – out there river side, sluicing, dredging, high banking, dry washing and crushing just for the satisfaction of finding a few gold flakes – we couldn’t get a wave table at a reasonable price. That’s all changed. Now you can get “The Thumper” for half the price of even the lowest price shaker tables. Think you can’t get the professional quality results without the professional price tag? Think again. “The Thumper” boasts:

  • Two to 2 ½ gallons per hour materials processing speed (depending on mesh size)
  • Recovers 99.9% of your “gold in concentrate” so you can extract the fines more efficiently
  • Ability to concentrate ¼ ” mesh to micron size gold fines

 “The Thumper” promises you the best dollar-for-dollar auto-concentrator that the prospecting world has ever seen. Call 503-285-8553 or email today or order your “Thumper” here.

Give Your Gold Prospecting Adventures Super Powers

It’s true, adding “The Thumper” to your tool box is like giving yourself super gold mining powers. Now you can process many times more materials than ever before, and keep more of the fine gold from your outdoor exploits.

  • Amp up your processing speed and increase your chances at a seeing color each time
  • Revel in the anticipation of the exponentially increased gold extraction for every trip out to your sites
  • Be the best possible miner you can be with the right tools: “The Gold Lab” and “The Thumper”

Learn More About The Thumper’s Features

Have questions? Give me a call. I will personally answer your call or email. –Dave

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