Gold Extraction Tools – The Gold Lab Products

Gold Extraction Tools - The Gold Lab Products

Gold Extraction Tools for the Modern Miner

The original Gold Rush happened 150 years ago. A lot has changed since then, but the ways most people prospect for gold haven’t. Those poor folks have the hunched posture and back aches to prove it.

With the revolutionary methods of “The Gold Lab” and “The Thumper,” you’ll become the most effective prospector around. What most other prospectors throw back with black sands will yield real gold for you. No more backbreaking tedium of panning, just more fine gold.

Rumpelstiltskin himself couldn’t spin more gold than our products extract! Order yours today to reap the benefits of our great mining tools. 

We offer the right tools to get the best out of your prospecting experience. Enjoy the sunshine, natural splendor, and quality time with your family instead of panning until your arms fall off — all while throwing away real gold.

Purchase The Gold Lab or The Thumper Now!

“The Gold Lab” Extracts More Fine Gold for You

Catch the gold bug with the Gold Lab, our signature product. With the “Gold Lab Vortex” technology that separates fine gold from black sands with minimal effort, “The Gold Lab” is simply the most efficient fine gold extraction method available. Take home the gold that others must leave behind — and have a blast doing it! Learn more about “The Gold Lab” here.

Finally, a Super Concentrator for the Common Miner: Meet “The Thumper”

Our newest product, the Thumper, is the simplest, most affordable, lineal action wave/shaker table on the market! Dollar for dollar, it’s the best auto-concentrator that the prospecting world has ever seen. While retaining more than 99.9% of your gold laden concentrates, the Thumper costs a fraction of what you could pay for comparable wave/shaker tables on the market. Learn more about “The Thumper” here.

No more panning! Bring home 24 carats of pure enjoyment.

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