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The basics of using the Gold Lab & Thumper

What are you processing?

If you are using the Gold Lab & Thumper you’ll need to start with one simple question; what are you processing? If you are starting with ground that you’ve just dug up and then put into a container to take home to process, let’s call that “raw dirt”. It has slits, minerals and everything else that was in the ground when you dug it up. The process of mining is quite simple, you are trying to reduce the volume of non-valuable minerals from the ordinary “dirt”.

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Where Does Gold Come From?

The question many civilizations have been asking for centuries is “Where does gold come from?”.

I continue to be fascinated by the “discoveries” of our scientist regarding how the universe developed and specifically, how the elements were created. Of course, since no one has ever witnessed this creation first hand or close up (except in laboratories), all this remains, theory.

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