Why prospect for gold?

Why prospect for gold?

Why prospect for gold?

Gold in Early Civilizations

Prospecting for precious metals goes back thousands of years (throughout recorded history). Why?

Most of the gold found at the beginnings of civilization was used for ornamental and or religious purposes. It wasn’t until civilization had advanced to trading goods that “money” became useful. Since gold and silver had recognized value (scarce and hard to find) it was utilized for monetary purposes. Copper was also used, but wasn’t as valuable since it was more abundant.

Even today, gold and silver are recognized for their lasting value that paper currencies don’t hold. 

Now, why prospect for gold?

For a lot of us, it’s because it gets us outdoors into the open country. For others, it’s a means to earn a living (most small scale miners in Africa or South America) making “wages”. We all know it’s hard work and that the easy gold has been found. Even watching the reality shows, tells us that really nowhere in the world is there gold just lying on the ground waiting to be picked up. Ok some remote parts of Australia or Greenland or some other hard to reach place, maybe.

If you’re going to prospect, most of us want to make our time “pay” and our efforts count. As many miners have indicated, learn how to find what you’re looking for, before you spend a lot of time looking (ie educate yourself and learn the tricks of your trade). Unless you’re prospecting for a hobby or for the “fun of it”, learning how to prospect well, is time spent well. This is where research comes in – if you’re going to get “out there”, find the right tools and know how to put them to good use.

For fine gold, the Gold Lab was developed to separate out the fine, harder to pan gold from your concentrates. Panning is a tedious task, and most are not that proficient at it. The Gold Lab aids in separating fine gold more easily and efficiently, thus saving you time and a lot of back breaking efforts.

Thumper was developed to aid prospectors with a lot of concentrates to work that take time to process, even through the Gold Lab. Not that the Gold Lab won’t handle them, but let’s face it – time is money. If you have a lot of concentrates to process, reduce them first with Thumper and then you can run what’s left through the Gold Lab with more concentrated results. Sounds simple, and yes it is – it all boils down to how serious you are at getting results. If you’re just wanting to have fun and pan for some gold, then investing in equipment that will help you achieve your goal probably isn’t for you. But, if you are intending to make a return on your efforts, then the right equipment will do just that. Remember, fine gold takes equipment designed to recover it. If you haven’t watched the videos on our website to familiarize yourself with our product’s setup and use, then please take a minute to do so. We’re here to take some of that hard work out of prospecting for gold.

The Gold Lab
About The Author
I’m Dave Chiara, and it was only a few years ago that I picked up a gold pan and couldn’t put it down. I happily spent my weekends dredging, processing, panning, and sluicing. I can’t imagine a better way to spend your free time – out in nature with friends and family, and coming home with real gold!

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