A New Prospecting Product for Mining Enthusiasts: The Thumper

A New Prospecting Product for Mining Enthusiasts: The Thumper

A New Prospecting Product for Mining Enthusiasts: The Thumper

The Thumper is a New Prospecting Product for Those Who Value the Best Things in Life – Gold!

You know the old saying, “Spinning straw into gold?” If it were that easy to find gold, everyone could do it… but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. There’s nothing magical about gold prospecting, just good, old-fashioned hard work and diligence. That’s also part of the pleasure.

It isn’t just finding precious metals that makes gold recovering so addictive. It’s the connection to 150 years of history. It’s the time-honored process: dredging and high banking, crushing, reducing, classifying, and sluicing — all to find that bit of color. It’s getting your hands dirty and immersing yourself in the raw glory of nature. It’s the time spent in the beautiful outdoors, with friends and family, spinning stories and making memories.

Building on Our History: Extracting Even More Fun for Prospectors

You’ve probably also heard the phrase, “I liked the product so much, I bought the company!” Well, in my case, that’s one hundred percent true! Years ago, I purchased a product called “The Gold Lab” on a whim, not really sure what I was getting for my money. What I got was more fine gold from my black sands – real gold that others would have just tossed back. Suddenly, gold prospecting became a lot more fun, and a lot less work!

And yes, I enjoyed my weekend adventures so much, I actually bought the company. Now it’s my great pleasure to share with you both our flagship product, “The Gold Lab,” and also introduce our newest addition, “The Thumper”. Simply put, together they will turn you into the most effective gold prospector you can be.

Much Anticipated “Thumper” Makes a Grand Marketplace Entrance

With our long awaited new prospecting product “The Thumper” finally ready to ship, we’re celebrating by launching this new site too. You’ve seen products like it before, on gold mining television shows, but those wave tables that you see on TV can cost. I’m truly excited to bring you this professional grade product without shaking you down for thousands.

We’re even including this blog as a place to build a valuable resource for you. We aim to make it a veritable mother lode of gold mining stories, tips, and information for gold prospectors everywhere.

With our products, I promise you’ll find more gold. But I absolutely guarantee you’ll have more fun. So, if you want to turn a day of gold prospecting into an experience you’ll treasure, order “The Gold Lab” or “The Thumper” now and get ready to exercise your bragging rights!

– Dave Chiara

The Gold Lab
About The Author
I’m Dave Chiara, and it was only a few years ago that I picked up a gold pan and couldn’t put it down. I happily spent my weekends dredging, processing, panning, and sluicing. I can’t imagine a better way to spend your free time – out in nature with friends and family, and coming home with real gold!


  • By D.Rich 17 Oct 2013

    The Thumper looks like a great new product for gold mining. I’ve seen the Gold Lab in action, and everything
    Dave says about it is true. It’ll extract the gold from your grandmother’s socks. Well, almost. This new
    machine should make fine gold extraction twice the fun!

    • By Dave Chiara 09 Jan 2014

      Mr. Rich – thank you for your great comments. I couldn’t agree with you more regarding both machines – but of course I have a definite bias. But believe you me – I know they will do exactly what the videos claim and illustrate. If you’re a serious prospector, you will reap great rewards for your efforts. They will take the pain out of recovery.

  • By R Mahoney 17 Oct 2013

    Love the new site and have been waiting to try the new Thumper.
    We have huge amounts of black sand saved up just waiting

    • By Dave Chiara 09 Jan 2014

      Mr. Mahoney – thank you for coming to our site and giving us your comments. We encourage all to let us know what they think (likes and dislikes). With the Thumper to reduce your black sands volume and the Gold Lab to retrieve your gold – you will be amazed at how quickly your cleanup recovery happens.

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