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A New Prospecting Product for Mining Enthusiasts: The Thumper

The Thumper is a New Prospecting Product for Those Who Value the Best Things in Life – Gold!

You know the old saying, “Spinning straw into gold?” If it were that easy to find gold, everyone could do it… but it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun. There’s nothing magical about gold prospecting, just good, old-fashioned hard work and diligence. That’s also part of the pleasure.

It isn’t just finding precious metals that makes gold recovering so addictive. It’s the connection to 150 years of history. It’s the time-honored process: dredging and high banking, crushing, reducing, classifying, and sluicing — all to find that bit of color. It’s getting your hands dirty and immersing yourself in the raw glory of nature. It’s the time spent in the beautiful outdoors, with friends and family, spinning stories and making memories.

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